Our Return and Refund Policy

returns and refundsThanks for shopping at textbooks.dad (TextBooks.Life). If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we are here to help. Since all our products are digital (usually in PDF or ePub format), returns aren’t really possible. However, we at textbooks.dad understand that a person may want a refund due to many reasons, therefore we have the following policy for refunds. Please read carefully:

  • We have 48 hour (2 days) refund policy in case if a product doesn’t meet the description, or is the wrong edition (by wrong edition, it means we sent you something else. It doesn’t NOT mean you mistakenly bought a different edition, or your professor changed and asked for a different book etc). We will refund you the full amount in case of our mistakes. If you made a mistake, do let us know, we might be able to offer an exchange (limited cases only)
  • If the PDF is not properly formatted or match the physical book page numbers, we will NOT refund you. Publishers don’t always release original PDF versions and instead sometimes release only ePub, AZW3, or Mobi versions hence their converted PDF will look different, and page numbers won’t match. We try to label any converted PDFs.
  • If you have mistakenly purchased a product, we will NOT refund you. This is due to the rising number of scams!
  • If you dropped a class, or don’t want the book anyone, we will NOT refund you, so please think before buying.
  • In case of duplicate purchases, double charges, etc, you can ask for a refund anytime. We will honor your request even if it’s 6 months late.

When asking for a refund, please contact us via eMail and tell us the problem along with your order number and/or email you used for the order and mode of payment. We try to respond within a maximum of 72 hours (however, it’s usually much sooner).

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