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4 Free Study Help Resources for Students

Nowadays, students get bombarded with tutors, paper writer, sites, apps, and even social media accounts offering help. And there’s a good reason for that. Requirements to even enter a higher education establishment keep growing, and once you’re in, it doesn’t get much easier. Some even find it more acceptable to drop out rather than to continue studying under immense pressure. In this article, we will give you a list of study help resources that will make your studies easier while also not making you go broke.  Background Music We all like to have some music playing in the background, whether...

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Useful Resources For College Students

Very Useful Resources For College Students

According to research by Temple University, nearly 1/3rd of all undergraduate college students live in a low-income situation, and 37% reported they do not have enough money to eat healthily on a daily basis. Apart from your needs for textbooks, ebooks, and audiobooks (which we can hopefully fulfill), a student nowadays may also require many more things. We get many emails asking us questions like: what are the best resources for university students? Which ebook reader should I use? How can I pay for textbooks via bitcoins? Therefore, we decided to compile resources and tools for students that may help...

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