Adapted Physical Education and Sport (6th Edition) – eBook

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  • Authors: Joseph Winnick, David L. Porretta
  • File Size: 14 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 648 pages
  • Publisher: Human Kinetics, Inc; 6th Edition
  • Publication Date: July 20, 2016
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01L9D1ESS
  • ISBN-10: 1492511536
  • ISBN-13: 9781492511533


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About The Author

David L. Porretta

Joseph Winnick

Adapted Physical Education and Sport, 6th Edition, (PDF) assists readers to stay current with the many changes in the field and offers top-quality physical education and sport opportunities for students with disabilities.

This new 6th edition offers extensive new material:

  • Info on the new Brockport Physical Fitness Test
  • More attention to the problem of obesity, particularly related to students with disabilities
  • Content in the section on an adapted sport to convey and reflect on progress in the field
  • Advances and applications related to behavior management and wheelchair sport performance
  • The usage of new technology as related to administration and teaching in adapted physical education
  • Inclusion applications and practices  with guidelines for changing activities in both physical education and sport, helping to include students with disabilities into general class and sport settings

A web resource, which is also offered separately (not included in this sale), includes 26 videos featuring the Brockport Physical Fitness Test in action.

Greatly inspired by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the sixth edition of Adapted Physical Education and Sport helps you recognize the unique needs of students and develop physical education programs—including personalized education programs (IEPs) for students with disabilities—that are consistent with existing federal legislation.

NOTE: The product includes the ebook, Adapted Physical Education and Sport 6e in PDF. No media or access codes are included.


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