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  • Author: Robert F. Blitzer
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 960 pages
  • Publisher: Pearson; 7th edition
  • Publication Date: 11th January, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01MS9V9UT
  • ISBN-10: 013446916X, 0134453263, 0134469879, 0134494911, 0134469917
  • ISBN-13: 9780134469164, 9780134453262, 9780134469874, 9780134494913, 9780134469911


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About The Author

Robert Blitzer

Robert Blitzer

Dr. Robert F. Blitzer is a native of Manhattan and received a Bachelor of Arts degree with dual majors in mathematics and psychology and a minor in English literature, from the City College of New York. Dr. Blitzer's unusual combination of academic interests led him toward an MA in mathematics from the University of Miami and a Ph.D. in behavioral sciences from Nova University. Blitzer’s love for teaching math was nourished for nearly 30 years at Miami Dade College. He received numerous teaching awards, including Innovator of the Year from the League for Innovations in the Community College and an endowed chair based on excellence in the classroom.

In addition to College Algebra, Dr. Blitzer has written many textbooks covering precalculus, developmental mathematics, intermediate algebra, introductory algebra, trigonometry, algebra and trigonometry, and liberal arts mathematics, all published by Pearson.

Robert F. Blitzer’s College Algebra 7th Edition (PDF) shows college-students that our world is profoundly mathematical.

Dr. Robert Blitzer continues to inspire college students with his engaging approach to mathematics, making this beloved college algebra series the number one in the market every year. Blitzer draws on his unique background in behavioral science and math to present a wide range of rich applications in real-life situations. Students of all majors stay engaged because Dr. Blitzer uses up-to-date and pop-culture references to connect mathematics to students’ lives, showing that our world is profoundly very mathematical.

With this new 7th edition, Dr. Blitzer takes his math student engagement with the mathematics world to a whole new level, drawing from applications across all many fields as well as topics that are of interest to any student (e.g., sleep hours of college students, grade inflation, student loan debt). Applications are also brought to life online in a new, assignable video series (not included in this PDF) that explore the entertaining and mathematical Blitzer Bonus boxes. The new 7th edition also aims to help more college students to succeed in the course with just-in-time support in the textbook — such as Brief Review of prerequisite topics, Achieving Success boxes, and Retain the Concepts exercises.

978-0134469164, 978-0134453262, 978-0134469874, 978-0134494913, 978-0134469911

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