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  • Authors: Michael Windelspecht, Sylvia S. Mader
  • File Size: 517 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 720 Pages
  • Publisher: ‎ McGraw Hill; 7th edition
  • Publication Date: 21 April 2023
  • Language: ‎English
  • ISBN-10: 1264039727, 126609847X,
  • ISBN-13: 9781264039722, 9781266098475

ISE and US editions are exactly the same


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About The Author

Michael Windelspecht

Michael Windelspecht

Dr. Michael Windelspecht has taught human genetics, introductory biology, and genetics in traditional, online, and hybrid environments at community colleges, military institutions, and comprehensive universities. For over a decade, Dr. Windelspecht was the Introductory Biology Coordinator at Appalachian State University, directing a program that enrolled over 4,500 college students annually. Dr. Windelspecht currently serves as an adjunct professor of biology at ASU, where he teaches non-majors biology and human genetics in online and hybrid formats. He got his education from Michigan State University and the University of South Florida. He is also active in promoting the scientific literacy of secondary school educators. He has led multiple workshops on integrating water quality research into the science curriculum and has spent several summers teaching middle school teachers from Pakistan. Michael Windelspecht has published five reference textbooks and multiple online and print lab manuals as an author. He served as the series editor for a 10-volume work on the human body. For years, he has been active in developing multimedia resources for online and hybrid science classrooms. Along with his wife, Sandra, he owns a multimedia production company, Ricochet Creative Productions, which actively develops and assesses new technologies for the science classroom.

Sylvia Mader

Sylvia Mader

Dr. Sylvia S. Mader has authored several nationally recognized biology texts published by McGraw Hill. She is educated at Harvard University, Bryn Mawr College, Tufts University, and Nova Southeastern University and holds degrees in both Education and Biology. Over the years, she has taught at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell; Suffolk University; Massachusetts Bay Community College; and Nathan Mayhew Seminars. Dr. Mader's ability to reach out to science-shy students led to the writing of her first textbook, Inquiry into Life. Highly acclaimed for her crisp and entertaining writing style, Dr. Mader's books have become models for others who write in biology.

Although her writing schedule is always quite demanding, she enjoys exploring and visiting the various ecosystems of the biosphere. Her several trips to the Caribbean coral reefs and Florida Everglades resulted in talks she has given to different groups around the country. She has visited the tundra in Alaska, the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, the taiga in the Canadian Rockies, and tropical rain forests in Australia and South America. A photo safari to the Serengeti in Kenya resulted in several photographs for her texts. She was also a member of a group of biology educators who traveled to China to meet with their Chinese counterparts and exchange ideas about teaching modern-day biology. She was thrilled to think of walking in Darwin’s steps when she journeyed to the Galápagos Islands with a group of biology educators.

ISE Essentials of Biology, 7th Edition (PDF) is designed to provide students not majoring in science with a fundamental understanding of biology. Even though these college students are not scientists, understanding how science can help identify, analyze, and offer solutions to the many challenges facing human society is critical to our species’ health and survival.

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NOTE: This sale only includes the ebook ISE Essentials Of Biology 7th Edition in PDF. The international edition is exactly the same as the North American/USA version. No access codes are included.


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