Macroeconomics (14th Edition) – Solutions + Instructor Manual

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  • Authors: Roger A. Arnold, Daniel R. Arnold, David H. Arnold
  • Includes: Solutions and Instructor Manual
  • Formats: ZIP, PDF
  • Publisher: Cengage; 14th edition
  • Publication Date: ‎ January 3, 2022
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0357720539, 0357720601, 0357720377, 0357720385, 0357720512
  • ISBN-13: 9780357720530, 9780357720608, 9780357720370, 9780357720387, 9780357720516

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About The Author

Daniel R. Arnold

David H. Arnold

Roger A. Arnold

Roger A. Arnold

Dr. Roger Arnold is a professor at the California State University San Marcos, where his fields of specialization are general microeconomic theory and monetary theory. Roger got his B.S. in economics from the University of Birmingham in England. He earned his Ph.D. in economics from Virginia Tech.

This product only includes Arnold’s Macroeconomics 14th Edition Solutions Manual, and Instructor’s Manual in ZIP/DOCX/PPT formats. The ebook is NOT included.

About the eBook

The economy is tough — but understanding macroeconomics doesn’t have to be. In fact, opening the world of economics can be exciting with Arnold’s popular MACROECONOMICS, 14th edition. Economic tools, new thinking, and theories show you how macroeconomic forces impact daily events and form an essential part of life 24/7. Current, everyday macroeconomic examples, updated discussions, and learning features illustrate many unexpected places economics can take. You learn what money is and isn’t, how supply and demand play out on a freeway, how a person pays for good weather, and why some countries are rich while others are poor. A new chapter examines the economic forces behind creative destruction and crony capitalism. Revised coverage of the Federal Reserve System reviews changes in monetary policy. Digital video lectures and digital features guide you in understanding macroeconomic diagrams and building graphs, while online MindTap, Aplia, and A+ Test Prep help you assess your understanding.

978-0357720530, 978-0357720608, 978-0357720370, 978-0357720387, 978-0357720516

NOTE: This sale only includes the Solutions Manual + IM for Macroeconomics 14th Edition in ZIP file. The ebook or access codes are NOT included.


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