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  • Authors: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Nancy L. Caroline
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  • Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 8th edition
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2017
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  • ISBN-10: 1284137279, 128411483X, 1284104885
  • ISBN-13: 9781284137279, 9781284114836, 9781284104882

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The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) is the premier not-for-profit organization that provides education programs for orthopedic surgeons and allied health professionals, advocates for patients' interests, and advances the highest quality of musculoskeletal health, with more than 38,000 members.

Orthopaedic surgeons and the Academy are the primary sources of knowledge on musculoskeletal disorders, therapies, and related topics for patients and the general public. More than one-fourth of all Americans suffer from bone or joint disorders, making them the leading cause of missed workdays in the country. Orthopedic surgeons help people return to work and live independent, productive lives by restoring mobility and reducing pain.

Nancy L. Caroline

Nancy L. Caroline

Nancy Lee Caroline (late) was an American physician and writer who worked in emergency medical services (EMS). She was a Medical Director of Freedom House, an emergency ambulance service that assisted underserved populations in Pittsburgh in the 1960s and 1970s. She was also the first medical director of Israel's Red Cross Society.

Caroline remained an adjunct visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh's medical school and, on a volunteer basis, as a physician and medical adviser of Magen David Adom, the Oncology Department of the Sheba Medical Center, and the Tel Hashomer Hospice. For the last few years, she dedicated her work to cancer treatment and hospice care in Israel.

Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets 8th edition (PDF) is the next step in the evolution of the premier paramedic education program. This legendary paramedic book was first developed by Dr. Nancy Caroline in the early 1970s and transformed paramedic education. Today, lead editors Barb Aehlert and Bob Elling, with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, are proud to continue this legacy and set the new gold standard for the paramedics of tomorrow.

This latest and fully updated edition covers every competency statement of the National EMS Education Standards for Paramedics with clarity and precision in a concise format that ensures paramedic student comprehension and encourages critical thinking. This iconic textbook emphasizes the idea that becoming a paramedic is a continual pursuit of growth and excellence throughout an entire career. Concepts of team leadership and professionalism are woven throughout the chapters, challenging college students to become more compassionate, conscientious health care professionals as well as superior clinicians.

Strong Application to Real-World EMS

Medical students who are studying to become paramedics are focused on helping the sick and injured. They need to know why information is important to learn. Through evolving patient case studies in each chapter, the Eighth Edition gives students a genuine context for the application of knowledge. This approach makes it clear how all of this new information will be used to help patients in the field. Opportunities to apply knowledge equip college students to ultimately become better providers. Progressive case studies are followed by a comprehensive summary that answers the critical thinking questions raised throughout the case. “The You” are the Paramedic cases conclude with a Patient Care Report, showing the student exactly how the presented case would be documented.

Current, State-of-the-Art Medical Content

The Emergency Care in the Streets Eighth Edition meets and exceeds the paramedic National EMS Education Standards and reflects the National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines (NASEMSO), the National Registry Skill Sheets and Psychomotor Competency Portfolio, and Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Eighth Edition, from NAEMT and American College of Surgeons’ Committee on Trauma. Where applicable, the authors and editors followed additional authoritative sources, such as national stroke guidelines. Last but not least, the Eighth Edition thoroughly addresses the 2015 ECC and CPR guidelines published by the American Heart Association. These updates went beyond a compression rate or depth change; the text has been completely updated to reflect all of the Guideline changes.

Evidence-Based Recommendations and Protocols

Medicine is constantly changing and pre-hospital medicine varies across states and regions. The content of the 8th Edition reflects the guidance and recommendations of an extremely experienced, geographically diverse group of authors, and its team of Medical Editors from the AAOS. Where possible, content is based on evidence, such as data from the field and studies published in the medical literature.

New to This 8th Edition!

Based on feedback from program directors and educators around the country, we added two new chapters to the updated 8th Edition:

Medical Terminology. Medical Terminology was previously addressed in the Documentation chapter, but educators strongly preferred that we dedicate a standalone chapter to this important topic.

Career Development. Recognizing that the U.S. health care system, and the role of the paramedic in it, are rapidly evolving, we’ve added a chapter on career development. In addition to discussing the changing and expanding career opportunities for paramedics, this chapter presents nontraditional specialties that paramedics may need in the future to fill evolving roles in the healthcare system.

978-1284137279, 978-1284114836, 978-1284104882

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