Tabbner’s Nursing Care: Theory and Practice (8th Edition) – eBook

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  • Authors: Gabrielle Koutoukidis, Kate Stainton
  • File Size: 26 MB, 40 MB
  • Formats: ePub (original), PDF (converted)
  • Length: 780 Pages
  • Publisher: Elsevier; 8th edition (Volume 1 + 2)
  • Publication Date: ‎November 8, 2020
  • Language: ‎English
  • ISBN-10: 0729543366, 0729587835, 0729544192, 0729544206
  • ISBN-13: 9780729543361, 9780729587839, 9780729543316, 9780729543323, 9780729544191, 9780729544207


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About The Author

Gabrielle Koutoukidis

Kate Stainton

The only textbook in the market written specifically for Diploma of Nursing students in Australia and New Zealand. Written by Gabrielle Koutoukidis and Kate Stainton, the ebook Tabbner’s Nursing Care: Theory and Practice 8th edition (ePub/PDF) provides a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and skills for nursing students embarking on an Enrolled Nurse career. Reflecting the current issues and scope of practice for Enrolled Nurses in Australia, this new Eight Edition focuses on delivering personcentred care, emphasises critical thinking, and demonstrates the application of the decisionmaking framework across multiple scenarios.

Now in an easy to handle 2 Volume set the textbook is supported by a skills workbook and online resources to provide students with the information and tools to become competent, confident Enrolled Nurses.

New to this edition: Chapter 5 Nursing informatics and technology in healthcare focuses on competency in nursing informatics for beginning level practice, aligned to the National Nursing and Midwifery Digital Capability Framework 2020, An increased focus on cultural competence and safety.

Additional ISBNs for Tabbners Nursing Care: Theory and Practice 8E: 978-0-7295-4336-1, 978-0729543323, 978-0729544191, 978-0729587846, 978-0729543361, 978-0729543316, 978-0729543323, 978-0729542272, 0729542270, 0729585271, 9780729542272, 978-0729543316, 978-0-7295-4332-3, 978-0-7295-4331-6, 978-0729544207, 9780729587846, 9780729543361, 9780729543316, 9780729543323, 978-0729543361, 9780729587839

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