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  • Author: Igor Bello
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  • Publication Date: November 9, 2017
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About The Author

Igor Bello

Igor Bello

Dr. Igor Bello is a Chair Professor at the dynamically developing Institute of Functional Nano and Soft Materials, one of the top Chinese nanomaterial centers, and College of Nano Science and Technology, the Soochow University, China. Before his current position, he was Professor in Physics and Materials Science at the City University of Hong Kong. Dr. Bello is a founding core member of the Advanced Coatings Applied Research Laboratory and the Center of Super Diamond and Advanced Films and  in Hong Kong. He was associated with the Surface Science Western, the University of Western Ontario in London (Canada) where he was an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Materials Engineering, an Adjunct Professor at Astronomy and Physics, and also an Industrial Consultant. Earlier in his career, he was Associate Professor at the Microelectronics Department, the Slovak University of Technology.

Igor earned his MSEE and PhD in microelectronics with a focus on vacuum technologies in microelectronics, particularly ion implantation and plasma processes, at the Slovak University of Technology (SUT) in Bratislava, Slovakia / Czechoslovakia. Dr. Bello obtained the competitive Leverhulme Trust Fellowship in the field of the interaction of energetic ion beams with solids at the Electronic and Electrical Engineering, the University of Salford, England. As an Associate Professor at the SUT, he was a Vice Chairman of the Czechoslovak Expert Assembly for Vacuum Technology and Applications (Prague). Igor has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at different universities. Dr. Bello has published and presented approximately 380 articles that include 260 SCI journal articles with non-self-citation of approximately 32 per an article, a dozen patents (10 US), and couple of university books.

The ebook Vacuum and Ultravacuum: Physics and Technology 1st Edition has enormous impact on human life in many aspects and fields, such as metallurgy, food and electronic industry, material development and production, microelectronics, physics, materials science, space science, device fabrication, engineering, pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, technology of low temperature, and biology. All decorative coatings used in jewelries and various daily products―including the surface finish of watches, shiny decorative papers, and light fixtures―are made using vacuum technological processes. Vacuum analytical techniques and vacuum technologies are pillars of the technological processes, deposition, material synthesis, and material analyses―all of which are used in the development of novel materials, increasing the value of industrial products, controlling the technological processes, and ensuring the high product quality. Based on physical models and calculated examples, this ebook provides a deeper look inside the vacuum physics and technology.


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