Writing That Works: Communicating Effectively on the Job (12th Edition) – eBook

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  • Authors: Charles T. Brusaw, Walter E. Oliu, Gerald J. Alred
  • File Size: 53 MB
  • Format: ePub [Kindle. A converted PDF is also included]
  • Length: 720 pages
  • Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin’s; 12th edition
  • Publication Date: March 4, 2016
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B06X6N4VT5
  • ISBN-10: 131901948X
  • ISBN-13: 9781319019488

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About The Author

Charles T. Brusaw

Charles T. Brusaw was a faculty member at NCR Corporation's Management College, where he taught and developed courses in professional editing, writing, and presentation skills for the corporation worldwide. Previously, Brusaw worked in advertising, public relations, technical writing, and curriculum

Gerald J. Alred

Gerald J. Alred

Dr. Gerald Alred is a Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is internationally known as the author of numerous articles and textbooks that reflect his scholarly and teaching interests. His most recent article is “Reflections on Textbooks: Past and Future.” His articles include “Academic and Practitioner Perspectives on Essential Works in Technical Communication”, “Bridging Cultures: The Academy and the Workplace.” and an adaptation of lectures that he presented in Hannover, Germany.

Walter E. Oliu

Walter E. Oliu

Walter E. Oliu served as chief of the Publishing Services Branch at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, where Oliu managed the agency's graphics, printing, editing, and publishing programs. Walter also developed the public-access standards for and managed daily operations of the agency's public website. He has taught at Miami University of Ohio, Slippery Rock State University, and as an adjunct faculty member at George Mason University and Montgomery College. He has authored numerous books as well

Countless real-world model documents contextualized by clear rhetorical instruction and a focus on professional ethics make Writing That Works: Communicating Effectively on the Job (12th Edition) the eBook a foundational standard for professional writing. More than ever, this streamlined 12th edition reflects the role of technology in the classroom and office, showcasing the most current types of business documents in print and online, providing succinct guidelines on selecting the most appropriate medium for your communication, document, or presentation, and giving advice on landing and keeping a job in today’s tough economy. Writing that Works 12th edition (ePub/PDF) offers robust but accessible coverage at a very affordable price.


Writing That Works: Communicating Effectively on the Job (12th Edition) is written clearly, and the information in it is accessible. It’s a valuable companion in any writing classroom.” ― Natalie D. Segal, University of Hartford

I love the brevity of entries, accessibility, and layout of this ebook. Many of my students keep the eBook long after the course is over to have a handy and accurate reference on the shelf at work.” ― Nancy Schneider, University of Maine – Augusta

I have found this ebook to be an excellent resource for finding answers to a variety of writing questions both simply and quickly. The wide range of topics covered also makes the ebook useful as a general reference across many disciplines.” ― Cynthia Raisor, Texas A&M University

This ebook has kept up with the increasing focus on technology and electronic research and with the typical components of a variety of professional documents. Once our students discover this book’s usefulness, they consult it in conjunction with every writing assignment, saving me time and encouraging them to participate more fully in their own learning.” ― Karen Welch, University of Wisconsin

A newer edition is also available. See related ebooks below

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    Jeffrey Empaf

    This helped a lot. Once of the best writing textbooks for college and at an amazing price

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