5 Virtual Reality Courses For Beginners That Help You Become An Expert

Making your first VR Game - Free course by Coursera

5 Virtual Reality Courses For Beginners That Help You Become An Expert

Have you ever found yourself eager to take up a new subject and gain extensive information on something very sought-after like Virtual Reality right now? A Virtual Reality course can be a wonderful way to start. Indeed, it suits all categories of learners from beginners to intermediate learners as well as experts.

This ultimate guide though is a well-compiled list of some of the best VR online courses for newbies. It includes both paid and free resources to help you learn and get started in this field.

What is VR and why is it important?

Virtual reality is one of the most researched technologies in the world, and specialists with VR skills are in high demand in the market. Virtual reality technologies are used in education, medicine, science, design, and entertainment, helping to speed up research or train employees faster. Thus, learning how virtual reality works can become the foundation of your career and future.

1) Introduction to Virtual Reality by Google VR

This free course is targeted at students completely new to the world of VR technology including optics, displays, stereopsis, tracking, and major hardware platforms. The course promises you can have zero background in technologies and still achieve incredible results.

By the end of it, you will be capable of creating and deploying a VR application with zero struggle. After all, learning the principles of it also allows for yielding inspiration, creativity, and imagination, which can be used in other fields of expertise.

If you see yourself in a career where VR is actively incorporated, then this course is a must. It sheds the light on the fundamental skills in digital technology and helps you master the understanding of hardware and software principles it deals with.

2) Making Your First Virtual Reality Game, Coursera

This next free 27-hour long course is given by the professors of the London University. As a matter of fact, this course is the last one in their specialization and, therefore, it offers the most founding materials and insights into the Virtual Reality world. As the name goes, it will all be about creating your own project: a game.

The course covers every detailed step that helps you float an idea, outline the process, prototype and test the end product. Indeed, you won’t go further outlining the steps of the project unless you find a good writing service at Online Writers Rating. This part is the most crucial of all because after completing the list of ideas, we can only develop a game. Changing something won’t be possible anymore.


The bottom line about Coursera’s courses is that it has a strict deadline by which everything should have been done. So, the only thing that can lend you a hand are custom reviews such as Best Writers Online or Writing Judge. Once you finish a course successfully, you can get a paid certificate.

3) Virtual Reality (VR) App Development, EDX

This beginner’s course is ideal for new entrants to VR projects. It is not available for free, however, it grants you a professional certificate of completion. Moreover, even much greater deal of information on how to design and develop VR apps in all areas of study and work. It teaches you a solid foundation required to work with 3D design, virtual interactions, and even Augmented Reality.

The plan goes as follows: The first week of Computer Graphics, the Second Week part on How virtual reality works, and lastly, Creating Virtual Reality apps. Such self-paced learning will let you understand the physical principles of VR applications and their high performance using Unity. Different syllabuses cover multiple subjects in mathematics and computer graphics. So, you can take up Virtual Reality in less than a month.

4) Unity XR: How to Build AR and VR Apps Specialization, Coursera

The Introduction to the VR Industry course focuses on the essential fundamentals of Virtual Reality, which will provide a valuable foundation for the aspiring professional as well as anyone interested in the topic. Yet, it goes beyond and shares the instructions on how to combine Augmented Reality in game development.

This course will introduce you to both types of Realities industry and let you master as a VR developer. You will understand the technology for creating a project and what kind of specialists are needed for this. In addition, you have a golden opportunity to see a variety of cases of technology application and learn to look at familiar things in a new way.

As a bonus in each course that we have mentioned, you will surely learn how to develop VR apps on your own. Don’t hesitate and get enrolled today.

5) 3D Models for Virtual Reality, Coursera

This last free course is perfect to form a number of competencies:

  • having a working portfolio with developed virtual reality projects
  • knowing how to work in Unity, as well as creating VR applications
  • understands how the development of a VR project is going and who is involved in it
  • distinguishing what VR devices are suitable for a particular market and how they work
  • comprehending what virtual reality is and how to immerse the user in it as much as possible

If developing 3D graphics has seemed like nailing jelly to the wall this whole time, the course will prove you wrong. You can learn how to conjure materials, texturing, sound effects. Basically, all essentials a Virtual Reality expert needs.

Sum up:

The field of virtual reality is actively developing, and businesses need qualified specialists in this area. Obviously, you can learn VR development skills on your own, but it will be time-consuming. In addition, practical skills can only be learned with more experienced trainers or teachers. Where to find special courses that share knowledge? You know the answer already.

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